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bench online bookkeeping

That pairs your business with a team of Bench bookkeeping professionals. Eoin Cunningham compares, contrasts, and reviews digital products. He is studying to complete an MSc at the National Univerity of Ireland, Galway , in Digital Marketing. Xendoo’s in-house CPAs prepare and file your business tax returns all under the same roof as Xendoo bookkeepers – located in the U.S. As of August 2019, Bench announced BenchTax in partnership with Taxfyle in order to provide tax preparation and filing for clients.

bench online bookkeeping

Instead, your Bench bookkeeper will start with your most recent reconciled financials and basically start you off fresh–unless you choose to purchase the Catch-Up Bookkeeping to recreate your old books. Personal federal and state income tax filings are included for sole proprietors in our Premium plan.

Dedicated Financial Experts, Just For You

The Accounting tab on your dashboard provides you with real-time updates of your financials, showing exactly how much money you have and how you’re spending it. You can access your income statement and balance sheet as well as other reports that are fully customizable.

bench online bookkeeping

The bad news is that this proprietary software is not compatible with other bookkeeping programs. You cannot easily import your accounting information from previously-used software, nor can you easily shift to a new platform if you decide to leave Bench. Accrual basis accounting records money when it is earned, but not necessarily when it is spent. For instance, you record a payment when you send an invoice, rather than when you receive the money.

Bench Key Features

Now that we have a better sense of the QuickBooks vs. Bench comparison in terms of features, let’s break down how they compare in terms of pricing. Therefore, and as we’ll discuss in greater detail below, the way QuickBooks and Bench structure and price their services is directly related to this crucial distinction.

This does not allow for an easy transition between accounting software if you decide to leave. Xendoo includes a free subscription to Xero accounting software and the basic QuickBooks online subscription. Bench Accounting, Inc.America’s largest bookkeeping service for small businesses. If your bookkeeping team has questions about a particular transaction, they’ll send you an in-app message. See what running a business is like with Bench on your side. Try us for free—we’ll do one prior month of your bookkeeping and prepare a set of financial statements for you to keep. Free mobile app that helps the 50 million microbusinesses in Latin America become more efficient.

  • If you are a cash-based business then there is no difference here between and CapForge.
  • Bench is unable to provide invoicing, bill tracking, payroll, or inventory services.
  • Freshbooks services start at $7.50 per month and go up to $25 a month, depending on the number of your billable clients.
  • Once Bench receives all the requested documents, all your bookkeeping requirements for the given month can be accomplished within 15 business days.
  • Its communication, data consolidation and security modules cut your costs and unnecessary grunt work.

Your company’s pricing tier will be decided based on your company’s operating expenses and capital expenditures. For example, if your company’s average monthly expenses are between $3,000 and $20,000, you’ll likely pay $219 per month. You can also add tax filing and advisory services for $99 per month. Bench is an online service that simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses. Simply connect your business accounts, answer a few questions, and your team of bookkeepers will keep your books updated each month.

Can You Convert A Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Or Xero To Bench?

Your bookkeeper will interact with you on a one-to-one basis. They’ll keep you updated with how your accounts are looking and they’ll be available to contact you if you’ve got any issues. The income statement and balance sheet completed by Bench are useful for people struggling through excel files wondering if they’re turning over a profit.

Its communication, data consolidation and security modules cut your costs and unnecessary grunt work. Because Bench is a service-only offering, it doesn’t necessarily compete directly bench online bookkeeping with other accounting software tools that we’ve reviewed. However, in terms of target audience, it’s similar to Wave and FreshBooks, who also market to very small businesses.

But informing me a few weeks before the deadline, in the middle of tax season, when it’s impossible to find an available CPA is a selfish attitude that shows they don’t care about their clients. Bench gives you all the tools you need to streamline your bookkeeping process and generate quality financial statements and reports to drive growth. Unlike most accounting software in the market, it takes away the cumbersome process of bookkeeping from the business and deploys its team of bookkeepers.

Bench Vs Quickbooks: Pricing

Freshbooks services start at $7.50 per month and go up to $25 a month, depending on the number of your billable clients. Or you can try it free for 30 days with no credit card required to sign up.

It also doesn’t make sense if you have two or three companies nested together, since you’d have to pay the base rate for each one even if one or two of them have virtually no activity. Need some training, coaching, a deep dive review of your books, or just some general business advice? Our Advisory service department can field all those questions, from one-off cash flow or projection projects to ongoing engagements to help you drive growth and profits. has come a long way in a short time in the world of small business bookkeeping. They raised a lot of money from investors and built their own bookkeeping platform from the ground up and are now serving thousands upon thousands of small businesses. Our mobile app lets you keep tabs on your cash flow and track your expenses.

However, Bench only provides basic bookkeeping and tax services. Larger businesses or businesses with complex accounting needs will need to seek out other services or software. Additionally, there are a few features that Bench doesn’t offer, such as inventory management and invoicing, that you’d typically find in self-service accounting and bookkeeping software. Bench provides cash basis bookkeeping services that include receipt management, transactions classification, and financial statement prep. In order to do their work, they ask you for read-only access to your accounts or account statements; something we also do.

What Are Some Bench Alternatives?

If you decide to leave Bench, you can export the reports, but you can’t maintain any continuity. This means if you grow, and want to bring your accounting in house, you lose everything that got you there.’s service is built on their own proprietary software platform. Sign up with Bench, and we’ll do one month of bookkeeping free.

Preparing accurate monthly financial statements, including any necessary month-to-month adjustments based on cash flow. You will receive your monthly financial statement on the 15th business day of the following month.

If your bookkeeper has any questions about a particular transaction, they’ll send you an in-app message. This includes monthly bookkeeping, a dedicated bookkeeping team, year-end tax-ready financial statements and unlimited communication with Bench’s in-house research team. When your bookkeeping is done for the month, you’ll receive a message. At that point, you can view your financial statements and account information online. If you have any questions, it’s easy to get in touch with your Bench bookkeepers by sending them an in-app message or calling them. In the wake of COVID I left the agency I was at to do my own agency.

  • The process connects you with a TaxFyle expert, who has been trained by Bench.
  • Retro Bookkeeping is for businesses that are two years or more overdue.
  • The company is based in Vancouver, Canada, and works with clients exclusively in the United States.
  • Bench’s professionals can handle your bookkeeping on a regular basis (or even catch your bookkeeping up when you’ve fallen behind) at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper.
  • Bench also has excellent reviews from its users and has a user-friendly dashboard, so you’re always in the know when it comes to your business’s financials.
  • It’s important to find the right balance of service and software.
  • If you are going to be active in your own books and just want support or an occasional review, we can price for that as well.

Compared to other bookkeeping services, Bench is an affordable option. Other bookkeeping services charge a sliding scale based on number of accounts, whereas Bench prices are based on average monthly expenses. Every Bench plan includes up to 15 financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans and merchant processors. It’s common for competitors to only include a handful of accounts in entry-level plans, so you’re getting good value with Bench Accounting. When choosing the right platform for streamlining your bookkeeping process, consider the modules or activities that you wish to avail.

Getting in touch with the Bench support team is very easy given that their website has live chat, where you can correspond with their team in real time. Along with those methods, there’s a variety of self-help options like the Bench blog and downloadable forms, templates, and other resources. The Reports section provides you with a summary of financials, an income statement, and the balance sheet. Within each category, as you can see below, all transactions can be given a category or listed as uncategorized until you or your bookkeeper can assign the transaction to a particular section. The raise more than doubles Bench’s total funding to over $100M, and was supported by existing investors Altos Ventures, iNovia Capital, and BMO T&I, and new investors including Sage and Shopify. Bench Accounting is best suited for small businesses that want a professional team of bookkeepers to balance the books.

Negative Bench Reviews & Complaints

Bench is an online bookkeeping service that connects you with a team of affordable bookkeeping professionals. QuickBooks Online is a hub to manage the accounting for your business. As a small business owner, you want to have a clear understanding of the money coming in and going out of your business. They offer interconnected tools that make managing your business easier. You have the option to add Bookkeeping Setup and Full-Service Bookkeeping to your QuickBooks plan. Each month, your team will deliver a financial report on the 15th business day of the following month. Come tax time, you’ll also receive a full financial report for the year to make tax-filing painless.